A lot of you asked me how they can contribute or how they can add their home country info to Basetrip. Until now, it was all done via email, Facebook and Twitter messages, chat and other. From now on, things are getting a little bit simpler... :)

22 SEP 2016 · Sven Kapudija


About two weeks passed from the launch, and I just wanted to give you guys some more information where I see Basetrip going in the near future and (some) things to expect... :)

19 SEP 2016 · Sven Kapudija

Unexpected launch

Two months ago, on 12th of July I published the Basetrip on my Facebook page in a hope few friends would use it, give me some early feedback so I can iterate & improve upon it. About month and a half later Basetrip had quite a busy week with over 150.000+ users visiting the page...

06 SEP 2016 · Sven Kapudija