About us

The Basetrip

At The Basetrip we’re passionate about travelling and making sure you find all the information about any country in the world in one place - The Basetrip.

It includes information about time zones, weather, electricity sockets, currencies, exchange rates, costs of living, internet speeds, mobile data prices, health, vaccinations, road rules, embassies, visa information etc. together with travel tips from the community.

Contact us

For all general inquiries, please contact Sven Kapudija at sven@thebasetrip.com. For marketing, advertising and collaboration proposals, please contact Jelena Tamindzija at jelena@thebasetrip.com.

The beginnings

It started as a mini-project for just one country, Portugal, where I’m headed in a few months. I searched for all the info by Googling individual phrases – ‘portugal currency’, ‘portugal visa’, ‘portugal weather’ etc. At one point it became obvious there is a lot of quality travel info out there but it’s fragmented and buried all over the place. I gathered, summarized and structured it all in one place (which enables us to do nifty things like comparing your home country with the searched one). When I was done, I added some other countries, then all the European ones...then the whole world :)

- Sven Kapudija (Founder)

Our community

Driven by an idea to connect people whose lifestyles' are a combination of innumerable ideas, immense energy and extraordinary talent, The Basetrip recognizes the needs of a new generation of young people who strive to explore the world, widen their perspective and enhance their skills by travelling to some amazing places out there.

Our international team is here to help you overcome any obstacles you might encounter prior to - during - after your trip. Let’s make your trip an unforgettable experience by helping you to pack those bags properly so that you don't miss anything!

Ready? Off we go. :)

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